About Us

Greenmountain Veal and Yearling is packed at our modern processing plant in Coominya which is located in the picturesque Brisbane Valley.

The Beef and Veal packed under the Greenmountain brand comes from Greenmountain Pastoral Company's own properties as well as the properties of a large network of suppliers which has been established over many years.

The livestock are predominately grass-fed, enhancing the flavour of the products and the eating experience of our customers.

All products are produced to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. Products are then vacuum packed for shelf life and the customer's convenience.

The product produced at Greenmountain Food Processing are of the highest quality. We at Greenmountain Food Processing are committed to supplying products which meet the needs of you, the customer.

  • Grasslands Tender
  • Rock Valley
  • River Tree