Rural Properties and Livestock.

Greenmountain Pastoral Company owns and operates properties in the Northern Rivers and New England areas of New South Wales. The company breeds and fattens cattle for supply to Greenmountain Trading Company and also produces other agricultural products, such as rice, seed and stockfeeds, for supply into other markets. Greenmountain Pastoral Company's properties are made up of several rural aggregations, some of which have been owned by the family for many generations.


Cedar Point-Borabree Park

Loacted at the foot of the rainforest just south of Kyogle in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Cedar Point-Borabee Park is made up of eight high carrying capacity farms which boarder eachother. Cedar Point-Borabee Park has a high annual rainfall and is stocked to produce pasture fed cattle which supply Greenmountain's natural veal brands.



Dyraaba Station

A large warm valley with areas of open flats through to rolling hills, Dyraaba Station is a mix of pasture improved paddocks and sheltered forestry. Situated to the south-west of Kyogle and the Cedar Point aggregation, this property has a high carrying capacity and is ideal cattle country. Dyraaba station is renowned for producing high quality vealers and growing cattle out to meet Greenmountain's natural young beef markets.



Fawcett's Plain

The Scarrabelotti family's original property in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Fawcett's Plain consists of a large flat open plain leading into a warm sheltered valley which is ideal for breeding of Greenmountain's naturally bred, naturally fed veal.



Pelican Creek Aggregation

Pelican creek consists of an aggregation of five properties situated at the junction of the Wilson and Richmond rivers north of Coraki in the Northern Rivers of NSW.  These properties are used to run breeding stock and finish progeny to to meet Greenmountain's premium yearling and veal specifications. The company holds a siginificant irrigation licence at the properties which is utilised to grow rice, winter pastures and seedstock.




Esperanza-Annandale is made up of 2 large adjoining properties situated in the New England area of NSW. Esperanza-Annandale consists of fertilized rolling hill country which is watered by natural spring fed dams. The properties are used for growing out heifers to eventually to replace breeding stock in the Northern Rivers properties and for growing and fattening steers for Greenmountain's premium young beef markets.