Turning grass into beef.

The Greenmountain Group reinvests back into the livestock and farming business and we remain committed to the environment and sustainability of our farms by continually reviewing and improving the practices we use to manage these properties.

Our farms operate over diverse landscapes, from highly fertile flood plain country in the lower reaches of the Richmond River, rolling hill country at Dyrabba Station to lighter soils and natural timbered landscapes. Whatever the natural composition of the property, we invest in strategies to improve pastures and reduce environmental impact, such as returning waste water to grow silage and hay and using by products to fertilise paddocks.

We take pride in working with companies such as Downforce, whose cutting edge technology to measure and predict soil carbon enables us to develop a land management plan that prioritises carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement.  All of our properties and paddocks are mapped to Agriwebb, an all encompassing livestock management tool, to ensure our livestock activities and animal husbandry practices remain efficient, profitable and sustainable.