Greenmountain Food Processing.


Greenmountain Group acquired the Coominya processing facility in 2006 and Greenmountain Food Processing commenced a slaughter and boning operation at the site in 2007. In purchasing the Coominya processing facility, the company committed to maintaining and improving the plant to meet modern food safety, environmental and OH&S standards. The site currently holds BRC, AUS-MEAT, McDonald's, HACCP, Woolworth's accreditations and is licensed to export to most global markets. 

The company has invested significantly in the plant since 2006, adding a rendering facility, cold stores and upgrading the freezing facilities and slaughter floor. The company has recently invested in state of the art further processing and packaging equipment which allows Greenmountain to offer products which are shelf-ready and weight labelled for retail directly from the Coominya processing facility.


Sustainability & the Environment

"Protecting chilled and frozen meat for domestic and international export, across multiple formats for retail and wholesale customers at a level of hygiene required to maintain shelf-life is challenging. 

We use protective plastic films on many of our items to ensure the food safety of our product for the duration of its intended shelf-life. Our retail-ready products have an extended shelf life compared to others within the market. We wanted to create a product that lasted longer in the fridge, reduced food waste, was leak-free and freezer ready. We are currently working with our suppliers so that in time we can transition to alternative packaging materials that can perform the meat shelf-life requirements we are asking of our films. We also use packaging to prevent spoilage and food waste, which according to the UN is a greater problem than packaging. UN research shows one-third of all food produced for human consumption around the world is wasted. Food waste is a waste of resources through the supply chain – from the use of nutrients, land, water, energy and other inputs for no gain.

We also work tirelessly to ensure we comply with and exceed expectations of animal welfare, particularly in relation to the five freedoms that underpin animal welfare. All of our livestock is naturally bred, naturally fed, and has no added hormones.

Greenmountain continually reviews its strict quality assurance and HACCP programs throughout the entire supply chain. We are subject to inspection and monitoring of products, processers, plants, and equipment by our own department supervisors and quality assurance staff. This process is regularly reviewed by AUS meat and other regulatory bodies.

We have a commitment to continually maintain and improve the plant to meet modern food safety, environmental and WH&S standards. We are working towards tracking the downward trend of plastic use without sacrificing food safety, shelf life, and creating food waste.”

The Coominya Plant Current Modern Slavery Statement.



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